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Become a master angler with tips and advice found in this helpful tackle guide. We have compiled a list of the most effective lures for fishing Granite Hill and Obakamiga Lakes, along with instructions on how to best use each. 

For three generations we have been fishing the bountiful waters of Granite Hill and Obakamiga Lakes. We are happy to pass onto you, the techniques, the secrets and the expertise gained from decades of angling experience. Before heading to PK Resort, fill your tackle box with at least a few of each of these lures, and get ready to start reelin' 'em in!


2 - 4 reliable fishing rods/poles

  • 6' - 7' medium to heavy action for northern pike

  • 5' 6" - 7' light to medium-heavy action for walleye

  • 5' - 6' ultra-light to light action for perch

2 - 4 reliable reels: spinning reels (aka "open bail"), casting reels (aka "closed bail") or bait-casting reels.

Quality fishing line and spare spools

  • 8lb. - 12lb. test for northern pike

  • 6lb. - 8lb. test for walleye

  • 4 lb. test for perch


  • Rod carrying cases (for transportation and flight)

  • Pliers or hook removers

  • Knife

  • Jig punch (to remove paint from eyelets)

  • Nail clippers (to trim fishing line)

  • 6", 8", and 12" Stainless Steel or Coated Wire Leaders (for pike only!)

  • 1 dozen snap or clasp swivels

  • 2 dozen split shot sinkers (varying weights)


Jigs 1/8oz or1/4oz are the simplest lure for catching all types of fish but are the most effective for walleye. They come in a variety of colours, weights, and styles. The colours shown below work best, so be sure to try them all.

The heavier jigs should be used only for walleye and pike, on days when the wind and waves are gusting more. The lighter jigs are great for perch and walleye, when fishing on calm days or in secluded bays.

Bait your jigs with a minnow or night crawler. Vary the way you hook minnows to find the presentation that works best. Through the top of the head, up through the neck, through the back, or through the tail.

Drop your jig to the bottom, then bring it up 8 to 16 inches. Give it a bouncing or twitching action to alert nearby fish, and vary this action from slow and steady to quick and sporadic. Use this technique while anchored, while drifting, or while back-trolling.



Spoons are the most effective lure for catching large northern pike. They simply consist of a painted metal "spoon" and a large single or treble hook, needed for hooking onto beefy northerns.

They come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Bring at least a handful of different ones to use in different fishing spots and during different weather conditions. (Note: when fishing for northern pike at PK Resorts it is essential to use a leader).

Spoons are meant to be used as a "casting" lure. Fish near shallow bays where weeds and vegetation are growing both under water and above the surface. Cast your spoon towards these weeds and even into them, then reel in to retrieve it, so that it skims the surface.

This will alert near by pike and trigger their aggressive instincts, enticing them to chomp! Vary the speed at which you retrieve the lure and make many cast to cover as much area as you can.

PK Resort Fly In Fishing Canada Spoons


A Rapala is an artificial lure that looks like and mimics a live bait-fish. They work great for catching large northern pike, but can also land big walleye. They are available in different types, colours and patterns. Those listed below work best. 

Rapalas can be used while trolling or can be cast and retrieved. As the lure moves forward through the water it will dive downwards. Increasing the speed of your troll or retrieval will cause the lure do dive deeper. The different types of Rapala will dive to different depths at different rates.

PK Resort Fly In Fishing Canada Rapalas


The Hot n' Tot is also "life-like" artificial lure that works great for catching walleye. This lure also dives when trolled or retrieved.  

The patterns and colours shown below are well proven. 

PK Resort Fly In Fishing Canada Hot n Tots


Spinners are great for catching walleye, northern pike and perch. They vary in design but all use a spinning action to get the attention of fish, and to entice a strike. Harnesses come already rigged with hook(s) and the lure, and many include beads to simulate fish eggs, for extra appeal. Simply tie them on and go. Bait your hook with a minnow or night crawler, and again, vary the way you hook your minnows. For crawler harnesses, change between using whole crawlers and small sections of the worm. Add weight to your lures using split shot or rubber core sinkers, to get your lure to the bottom quicker. Fish these lures while trolling, drifting, back-trolling or casting.

PK Resort Fly In Fishing Canada Spinners
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