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PK Resort is located on the beautiful water system of Granite Hill & Obakamiga Lakes. These lakes are connected by the 1.5  mile-long Obakamiga River and are accessible only by float plane. The unique location, geography and ecology of these lakes makes them one of the healthiest fisheries in all of Canada. With a total of over 11,000 acres of clean, opaque water, you have access to huge fishing opportunities on waters that are still relatively easy to navigate.

Granite Hill & Obakamiga are headwater lakes located in the uppermost elevation of the Arctic Watershed, making their ecosystems exceptionally strong. Granite Hill Lake lies secluded miles away from any form of civilization, deep in the heart of Northern Ontario's Boreal forest. Here, the northern tip of the region of Algoma meets the "James Bay Frontier".  

This is the true North, a majestic land that is distinctively more remote than the populated areas farther south where many other ordinary fishing resorts are located. We invite you to experience the beauty and splendor of this land at PK Resort.

PK Resort Fly In Fishing Canada Map


Granite Hill Lake is mainly springfed, along with a few small tributary creeks. Her water is clean and cold, ideal for sustaining large populations of big fish. The average depth is about 20 feet with some spots approaching 50. It has a total length of about 7.5 miles and boasts a wide variety of structure. As her name implies, Granite Hill Lake is surrounded by colossal formations of granite rockfaces & cliffs, with rocky points and shoreline. 

Scattered throughout are about a dozen small islands, along with many more sunken islands and rocky shoals. This sloping structure is the favorite habitat of Walleye ranging from average to Trophy. Granite Hill and Obakamiga Lake also features many shallow bays, sand bars and weed beds which are home to Perch, Trophy Pike and small Walleye. It is here that you'll find montrous Northern Pike lurking in the shadows of the underwater vegetation.

Granite Hill Lake Map


Obakamiga Lake (or "Buck Lake", as it is known) is the larger of the two, at about 8 miles long and 4 miles wide. Water from Granite Hill flows North through The Obakamiga River (known simply as "The River") and empties into Buck at the south end. Guests of PK Resort can easily travel from one lake to the other by taking this scenic ten-minute journey through The River. 

Buck Lake is also fed by several creeks and springs, maintaining its average depth of about 22 feet. While it does have many deep water drop-offs, Buck is best known for its many shallow bays and weed beds. The name Obakamiga loosely translates to "Lake of Many Bays". It is in these hot spots that small bait fish and Perch are hunted by aggressive Walleye and predator Pike.

Obakamiga Lake Buck Lake Map


Whether you stay as a guest of our Housekeeping plan or our all-inclusive American plan, all guests are guaranteed to have an unforgettable vacation experience, with all of our first class amenities and with service that is second to none. Find the plan that works best for your party.

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