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PK Resort is located near the small northern town of White River, Ontario. It is from the White River Air Base that you will be flying in to Granite Hill Lake. The map below will show you how to get to White River Air Base, which is about 200 miles north of the Canada-US border at Sault Ste. Marie.

While in White River, we recommend you visit the quaint local attractions of this lovely northern Canadian community, known as "The Home of Winnie the Pooh" . You will be greeted by warm service and friendly smiles from the local citizens.


From the Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, cross the border into Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Then drive 200 miles northwest on highway 17, to White River. Here, turn right onto highway 631 and drive Approx. 2 miles north and turn Left at the White River Air Sign.

From Toronto, Ontario, drive highway 400 North, 200 miles to Sudbury. From here, take highway 17 to Sault Ste. Marie, then to White River.Here, turn right onto highway 631 and drive about 2 miles north and turn left at the White River Air Sign.

From other areas to the west, drive to highway 17, then follow 17 east to White River. 

By Train
Guests wishing to travel by train may do so directly from Toronto, Ontario to White River. Via Rail Canada 

Fly Direct to PK Resort
Guests may fly directly to our lake from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario with Watson's Skyways. Contact us for more details and we will coordinate your flight.

PK Resort is located deep in the forests of Northern Ontario, Canada. Guests fly from the town of White River, about 200 miles north of the Canada - US border. When driving to White River you will be treated to spectacular views of Lake Superior's north shore, Ontario's woodland rivers and lakes, and an abundance of wildlife along the sides of the winding roads.



  • White River Motel 800-822-5887

  • Continental Motel 800-822-3616


  • Continental Restaurant

  • A & W Restaurant

Gas Stations

  • Esso

  • Husky

Other Stores

  • L.C.B.O (beer, wine, spirits)

  • Fresh Mart (groceries)


  • RJ's Live Bait 807-822-1609


You will fly in to PK Resort from the White River Air Base. From White River turn right onto highway 631 and drive about 2 miles north and turn Left at the White River Air Sign.  Follow road about 200 yards keep to the right.

White River Air DeHavilland Beaver Ontario


When driving across the border, to avoid any delays, we recommend the following travel information. Bring a Passport,  driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance. Also, if your vehicle is borrowed, bring a letter of permission signed by the owner. Make sure each passenger has a passport, especially children.  On some occasions, entry into Canada may be denied due to prior convictions. Also, handguns and radar detectors are illegal in Ontario. As a visitor to Ontario you're allowed to bring any reasonable supply of food and gas. For more information, check out Canada Border Services Agency.

Visitors 19 and over may import 1.1 liters (40oz) of liquor or wine or 24 (12oz) cans or bottles of beer; those 16 and over can bring 200 cigarettes (1 carton) into Canada.

It is illegal to take any type of live bait, except night crawlers, into Canada. In addition, night crawlers must be packed in some type of commercial bedding, NOT DIRT. Also, recently the importation of store bought potatoes has been allowed.

Visitors are strongly urged to obtain health insurance before leaving their home country. It is possible that your health insurance does not extend coverage outside your country or residence. If you're taking medicine, make sure you bring enough to last you in case the weather prevents you from flying out your departure date. In the event of an emergency, White River has it's own medical facility.

When purchasing goods or services on your way to PK Resort, we recommend you pay in Canadian funds or credit card so you can receive the best exchange rate. Paying your final bill at Granite Hill Lodge can be done by cash, traveler's check, Master Card, or Visa.

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