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We at PK Resort believe very strongly in conserving and preserving our natural resources. We encourage all guests to keep only those fish for eating, and to release all others. This is just one of the many conservation efforts we pursue to ensure that this beautiful wilderness is protected for our future generations. Please join us in this effort. It has its rewards, as described below.



Current Fishing and Hunting regulations as well as license fees for the 2020 season will be posted on the  
Ministry of Natural Resources website.

We encourage all guests to release those fish which are part of the breeding stock of our lakes. These are walleye measuring over 23 inches in length, and northern pike measuring over 34 inches in length. These fish are very vital to sustaining the healthy ecosystem of our lakes.

Those guests who do release these trophy fish are rewarded with a special "PK Resort Catch & Release" hat. Your name will be listed on our Catch & Release Master List. Take these honors with pride, as you are doing your part to preserve our precious natural resources.

Should you want a trophy mount of these fish, we recommend having a replica mount made. Simply take pictures and measurements of the fish and a life-like trophy can be made, usually for less than the costs of having the live fish mounted. These replicas also last much longer and are an overall better choice for a trophy to hang on your wall.

Catch • Get a Photo • Measure • Release • Get a Trophy Hat • Get a Replica Made!

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