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PK Resort Docks



At PK Resort you will enjoy the greatest fishing that Canada has to offer! Fish for big walleye, stalk huge northern pike or even chase after the feisty little perch, or fish for them all. Our lakes offer 11,000 acres of pristine waters. Experience the thrill, the fun, and the excitement of world class fishing at PK Resort!


The Northern Pike is ferocious. It is powerful. It is one of the most exciting species of fish you will ever catch! In Granite Hill & Obakamiga Lakes, pike are found lurking in the shadows of weed beds and underwater vegetation. Here they hunt everything from bait fish and frogs to small perch, walleye and whitefish, and even small ducks and birds. 

Pike range in size from a modest 20 inches to a mammoth 50 inches! Their huge size and giant appetites make them savage predators who strike hard and fight even harder. When you fish for northerns at PK Resort every strike and hook set is a wild thrill. No matter what their size or age, our pike will battle relentlessly, peeling line off your reel as they try to rip your fishing rod from your hands. Come capture a monster at PK Resort!


The Walleye is often considered the most prized fish in Canada, especially in the North. Since the ecosystems of Granite Hill and Obakamiga are so strong, large populations of walleye are able to thrive in our lakes. This creates fierce competition amongst the species, and they will quickly strike at any baitfish (or lure) they may encounter. As a result, many of the most aggressive of the fish are able to grow to immense proportions. 

Hoards of walleye measuring well over 30 inches are roaming Granite Hill & Obakamiga Lakes right now! Many of them are tipping the scales at 12 to 15 pounds or more, and are approaching 36 inches in length. That's 3 feet! While walleye of 24 to 29 inches are also very common. This elite breeding stock reproduces large generations of new young walleye, which in turn grow bigger, keeping the lakes flourishing. The vitality of the species makes them very lively and energetic when you're reeling them in. At PK Resort you will catch big walleye. You will catch many walleye.


The Perch is the smallest species in Obakamiga & Granite Hill Lakes, but is still a very fun fish to catch. They are known to be very scrappy despite their average size of 8 to 14 inches. Perch travel in large schools, making it easy to catch a lot of them in one good afternoon. That's why perch fishing at PK Resort is fun and exciting for kids and adults of all ages. 

This panfish is usually found near weed beds or any structure where they can hide from northern pike. The docks at Granite Hill Resort are often a great place to find these perch hiding. You and your children can share hours of fun fishing from the docks at PK Resort for perch, as well as walleye and pike!

PK Resort Fishing Yellow Perch


We know you are itching to get out on the lake and catch a trophy fish! Learn more about our conservation efforts to maintain the lakes natural stock. Want to know the best tackle to use or where to get your fishing license? We got your covered! 

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